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  • Duncan Shadow Duncan Shadow - Shub-Nigurath

Duncan Shadow - Shub-Nigurath

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Shub-Niggurath, called The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, is an Outer God in the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft.

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Shub-Niggurath is an Outer God (or Outer Goddess) in the pantheon. She is a perverse fertility deity, said to appear as an "evil cloud-like entity". (HPL: "Selected Letters 5.875")

An enormous mass which extrudes black tentacles, slime-dripping mouths, and short, writhing goat legs. Small creatures are continually spat forth by the monstrosity, which are either consumed into the miasmatic form or escape to some monstrous life elsewhere.

She is the wife of the Not-to-be-Named One (HPL: "The Mound") and of Yog-Sothoth which birthed the twins Nug and Yeb. (HPL: Selected Letters 4.617, 5.875)Of all the mythos deities, Shub-Niggurath is probably the most extensively worshipped. Her worshippers include the Hyperboreans, the Muvians, T'yog of K'naa, and the people of Sarnath, as well as any number of druidic and barbaric cults. She is also worshipped by the non-human species of the mythos, such as the "Fungi from Yuggoth" (the Mi-Go) and the Nug-Soth of Yaddith. (EXP: The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana) With the proper occult paraphernalia, Shub-Niggurath can be summoned to any woodlands at the time of the new moon. However, the place from whence she comes is not known. One possibility is that she dwells at the court of Azathoth at the center of the universe. She may also live beneath the planet Yaddith, where she is served by the Dholes. It is also possible that she lives in another dimension altogether. (EXP: The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana)


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